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Sharing your home can provide you with a new sense of security, companionship and practical help with everyday household tasks

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If you have a spare room and need some extra support at home, Homeshare North West can help you. We take the time to get to know you and find the right person who can meet your needs. You are always in control of your Homeshare journey. You make the decisions about what practical support and companion you need. You will be supported by a local Homeshare Coordinator who undertakes all safety checks of your sharer such as DBS criminal record check, references and financial checks before a sharer moved in. You will then be supported throughout the entire time of your Homeshare match with regular visits and catch ups with your local Coordinator. We are also happy to liaise and involve your family members or loved ones if you choose. 

Why choose Homeshare?

  • Friendship and companionship

  • Greater independence

  • Peace of mind that someone trusted is there to support you at home and stays overnight, helping you feel safer and more secure

  • Support with practical tasks around the home, such as; cleaning gardening, cooking, shopping. You make the decisions about the type of help that would best suit your needs

  • Extremely cost effective option for practical support in the home

  • Peace of mind for your family and friends, particularly if they live far from you

  • A chance to share life experiences and skills with one another

  • Feel reassured that Homeshare North West complete all safeguarding checks (DBS criminal record check, character & professional references, finance checks) and puts legal agreements in place to protect you and your Homesharer

  • Help another in life by giving them an affordable home and companionship

What does it cost?

Both the Homeholder and Homesharer pay a monthly fee to Homeshare North West. These fees cover the costs of the checks, the facilitation of the match, and the regular ongoing support for the duration of the homeshare. These fees go towards the running of the organisation, helping us to reach out and help more more people benefit from Homeshare in the North West.

Householders pay a monthly fee of £80, which equates to less than £3 per day. When you compare this to the costs of cleaners, gardeners and overnight care, Homeshare is very cost effective. Most importantly you benefit from companionship and support on a  daily basis. The Homesharer will also make an agreed contribution towards your household bills.


How does it work?

Step 1. Get in touch with us for an initial chat so we can find out more about you and what you would like to get from Homeshare.

Step 2. If you feel that Homeshare is right for you, we will arrange to visit you and meet face-to-face to find out what you would like from a Homesharer. Rest assured that we carry out checks and vetting on anyone that would like to Homeshare with you. This includes references, finance checks and enhanced DBS police checks to ensure the upmost safety.

Step 3. We spend time finding the perfect Homesharer for you. With us there to support you, we will introduce you to the Homesharer. If you are happy to proceed, we will help you to make decisions about the support you need and the ground rules for the Homeshare.

Step 4. Together, we will select a date to begin your Homeshare journey, which starts with a 4-week trial period. Homeshare North West will provide continued support with regular in person visits to your home and phone calls. We will be there to support you at every step.

Get in touch and make a start today!

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