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Frequently asked questions

The Answers You Need

We are asked lots of questions about Homehare and how the arrangement works. We have listed some of those questions with answers below but if you find there is something we haven't answered for you then please do get in touch by clicking the contact tab at the top of the page.


How does the matching process work?

We get to know our Householders (and very often their family members) face-to-face. This helps to understand people's needs and the type of person they would like to share their home with.

We meet sharers face-to-face, so we can find out more about their needs and interests to help us match the right people together.

We want to match two people together who have shared interests and a genuine interest in living together. You’ll have the chance to meet up before making any decisions, so by the time your Homeshare match begins you will already know each other.

What checks do you carry out?

After an initial application process and interview, we ask Homesharers to provide references and we will carry out an Enhanced Check from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and provide ongoing support.

What support do you provide?

Homeshare North West will facilitate the Homeshare experience and support you from the start to the end of the match. We offer ongoing and regular support to both parties face-to-face and on the phone. Our aim is to support a happy Homeshare match and to help to resolve any issues quickly.

What's the difference between a Homesharer and a carer?

Homesharers do not provide any form of personal care, such as dressing, medication or bathing. Homeshares contribute friendship and practical support around the home. Homesharers are expected to live their lives as usual but share a home and help out.

How long does it take to find a match?

The whole process can take anything from a few weeks to a few months. The most important thing is matching the right people together. Homeshare is popular and attracts a lot of applicants but we want to make sure the match is successful one and are willing to wait until the right person applies.

How long does a match last for?

Your Homeshare match can last for as long both parties want it to. We would ask both parties to commit to at least 6 months, but Homeshare matches often last far longer and become lasting relationships.

Are Homesharers allowed to keep pets?

This depends on the Householders preference. We will ask both parties about pets during the application process to help us match animal lovers!

Why do Homeshare matches come to an end?

The Homesharer may change job, leave the area, or move their own accommodation. Householders needs may change or they may decide they no longer need support. Don't worry about ending your Homeshare match, all good things come to an end and our role is to make sure that both parties leave feeling that they have benefitted from the experience.

We ask you to give one months notice to give the Homesharer time to find alternative accommodation and ensure that the Householder does not have a break in the practical support offered by Homeshare.

What if it doesn’t work out?

Homeshare North West make every effort to ensure the match works well for both parties. From carrying out the appropriate safety checks, matching people with shared interests, and supporting people throughout the process, we do the everything we can to make it a success.


If the Homeshare match doesn’t work out it can end quickly and without any financial penalties. We will support the Householder to continue Homesharing with another sharer if you would like to continue.

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