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Homeshare North West 

Bringing people together to share their homes happily & safely

What is Homeshare?

Homeshare connects people in need of practical support around the home and companionship with people looking for affordable accommodation. It's a simple idea that helps people share their lives for mutual benefit. 

Homeshare North West brings together people who live alone and have a spare room (Householders) with people who are looking for affordable accommodation and can offer company and practical support around the home, with things like; cooking, gardening, shopping or cleaning (Homesharers). Kindness and companionship are at the heart of Homeshare. 

What are the benefits of Homeshare?

Householder benefits:

  • Friendship and companionship

  • Greater independence to live your own life

  • Safety and security, especially over night

  • Cost effective option for practical support in the home

  • Peace of mind for your family

  • Sharing skills and experiences

  • Support with shopping and activities

Homesharer benefits:

  • Affordable accommodation

  • Make new friendships

  • Safe place to call home

  • Chance to save money

  • Good quality accommodation

  • Sharing skills and experiences

  • Taking part in something positive

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